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FTTM Boca Beacon Article

Feature writer Jack Short of the Boca Beacon recently published an article highlighting Fly To The Moon On A Witch’s Broom’s main character, Kate The Great, and her ties to Boca Grande, FL.  When a young Kate Boyet used to run, play and dig for shells on the sandy shores of Boca Grande she also dreamed of flying to the moon.  Her mode of transportation, a witch’s broom of course!  This would be no small feat for a big dreamer, but she is Kate The Great!

Kate_Boyett_ beach_0001.jpeg

Katherine Louise Boyet on the Boca Grande beach

Such grande expectations inspired her mother, Katherine, with an idea for a children’s book and so a journey began.  Katherine shared the idea with her sister in law and artist, Jackie Frackelton who subsequently asked if I would write the story. It began with the sweet imagination of a child, the vision of a mother and came to life with the collaboration of a writer and artist.  Nearly a decade later and dreams do come true.  Dream Grande!

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