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Joe Cundiff

About The Author

Joe Cundiff grew up in Four Seasons Country nestled within the heart of the Appalachian Mountains.  An area rich in history, steeped with tradition and graced with an endless splendor and beauty that proved to be natural canvas for a writer and pen, though he did not know it until much later in life.  While roaming the mountains of Southwest Virginia and Southern West Virginia a passion for the outdoors was born and has been shared with lifelong friends, and has led to countless adventures in many States and Canada.  Journeys that have provided great fodder for stories and tales.

Being a father of two intelligent, beautiful, energetic and creative daughters has also inspired many works and opened Joe’s eyes to a whole new world of ideas.  Having read a countless number of bedtime stories set the stage for when a friend ask him to write a children’s book, and a new journey began.  “I could have never found the place where those stories were born without Jordyn & Jayde.” he says in the dedication of the first book.

Inspiration is something we all long for and Joe has found much from his daughters, but credits his wonderful family and friends just as well.  “I try to paint pictures with words.” he says.  Those pictures come from life and a life lived.  Put simply, “without all the great people in my life there would be no stories to tell, no words to paint with.”






Club Meeting - January 2nd, 2014 » Rotary Club of Salem

[…] we had a treat. Our program was by a Past Club President, Joe Cundiff, a blogger and emerging author. We had the chance to meet his lovely daughters Jayde and Jordyn, […]

Jeff Sheppard

Hey Joe,

I read your story on G-MEN pride. I graduated from GHS in 1976 and noticed the photograph you posted with the story was probably from the 1974 game. If I am not mistaken that is Buster Large at quarterback for the G-MEN – Maybe? Just wondered what year you graduated from Graham?


Hey Jeff, thanks for the comments and glad you had a chance to read the story. That pic is actually of The Game in 1985, and I’m #14. However, I grew up one street over from Buster, played football with his younger brother Mark, and looked up to Buster. He used to toss the football with me when I was a kid. I graduated in ’86 That pic was my senior year, and we won 9-6. Go G-men!

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