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And Why We Came

And Why We Came

By Joe Cundiff

If we could

And would recall

From where

And why we came

To a land

That was new

Or so we claimed

In search of freedom

To escape

A tyrant’s hand

We came to proclaim it

Our own


As if discovery

Was something new

We came

And became people


From the depths

Of a dreary darkness

And the fog of night

We emerged


Many died

Along the way

Their names

Not in vain

For freedom

She reigns


And in this new place

Old foes

Joined hand in hand

To claim a vast land

Diverse we came

And diverse

We became one

We came

In freedom’s name

Yet theirs

We took


And our god

We proclaimed


And demons

They became

And soon

We had become

That which we fled

In the name of freedom

There is no cost

A land not ours

But theirs

We claimed

And others we enslaved

To build an empire

Of freedom

 And when will we shed

The stain of red

So much blood

In shades of Blue and Gray

Poured in vain

Let us not rush

To stand amidst the glory

Of our own making

Of which we are now


For time shall pass


Wounds not healed

Often forgotten

And lest we recall

The freedom we sought

And why we came

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