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Aunt Nellie, Still Flying High

Aunt Nellie

Flying High

So I make a post on this day each year about calling my Aunt Nellie in PA to wish her happy birthday. Jayde sang to her!  She turned 92 today and is still overflowing with smiles and laughter.  Undoubtedly I get more from the call than she does and told her how much I always enjoy her wonderful spirit.  More boisterous laughter followed and she said, “well I wasn’t always this way, I used to be grumpy! (I never remember her being grumpy)  Then I decided it’s just better to be happy, smile and laugh a lot!”

Well said and well done Aunt Nellie!!!

Aunt Nellie Flying Kite
Aunt Nellie Flying Kite

Still have this newspaper clip of Aunt Nellie as a young lady, pushing 75 she said at the time, flying her kite.  She used to always keep a few kites in her trunk… ‘for days when the wind was just right’.

May the wind always be just right Aunt Nellie! And Happy Birthday!


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