Fly To The Moon At The Rotary Club of Salem

FTTM To Be Presented At The Rotary Club of Salem Salem Civic Center – Salem, Virginia The Rotary Club of Salem has invited Jackie and me to present Fly To The Moon On A Witch’s Broom at this Thursday’s weekly meeting, January 2nd 2014.  Guaranteed to be the best meeting of the year so far.  Ok, it will be the first meeting of …

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Fly To The Moon On A Witch’s Broom – Boca Beacon Article

FTTM Boca Beacon Article Feature writer Jack Short of the Boca Beacon recently published an article highlighting Fly To The Moon On A Witch’s Broom’s main character, Kate The Great, and her ties to Boca Grande, FL.  When a young Kate Boyet used to run, play and dig for shells on the sandy shores of Boca …

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FTTM Boca Beacon Interview

Joe Cundiff – Author Interview with Jack Short – Boca Beacon

Today I was interviewed by Jack Short, a writer for the Boca Beacon.  It seems he found out about my book Fly To The Moon On A Witch’s Broom and wants to do a feature story in Boca Grande’s weekly newspaper about the story’s ties to the island in Florida.

So what’s the link you ask?  Well a young Kate The Great (Katherine Louise Boyet) grew up running, playing and searching for seashells on the beaches of Boca Grande.  Kate and her family still vacation there.

Kate_Boyett_circa_1997 beach_0001.jpeg
Kate The Great on the Boca Grande Beach

Further, it was on one of those trips when Jackie Frackelton was inspired to make a retired witch part of the turtle patrol.

Witch 1
Kate meets the Witch

Can’t wait to read the story, and on this cold and rainy Virginia night in November, I’m feeling motivated to schedule a book signing in Boca Grande.

Fly To The Moon On A Witch’s Broom – Published

A Big Day!  Published Author! So excited to announce the release of my first children’s book, Fly To The Moon On A Witch’s Broom!  Available now at: *****Will be available soon at, and many other sites.**** . We had hoped this broom would take flight prior to Halloween, but due to publishing delays it was …

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