The Runaway Horse

May 19, 2015 Bedtime Conversations:  The Runaway Horse Jayde sits on my lap as we rock, still wanting to be that little girl. Jayde:   Daddy will you tell me a story? Me:        Ok, what kind of story would you like? (Hoping for some divine inspiration) Jayde:   I don’t know (long contemplative pause)…   …

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The Legend Lombardi Tonight the Green Bay Packers lost in the first round of the playoffs on a last second play.  Snow capped the rooftops surrounding Lambeau Field and barely a hint of red could be found in the depths of any tube.  Once again the tundra was frozen.  Though frigid, it was not nearly …

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Aunt Nellie, Still Flying High

Aunt Nellie Flying High So I make a post on this day each year about calling my Aunt Nellie in PA to wish her happy birthday. Jayde sang to her!  She turned 92 today and is still overflowing with smiles and laughter.  Undoubtedly I get more from the call than she does and told her …

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FTTM Boca Beacon Interview

Joe Cundiff – Author Interview with Jack Short – Boca Beacon

Today I was interviewed by Jack Short, a writer for the Boca Beacon.  It seems he found out about my book Fly To The Moon On A Witch’s Broom and wants to do a feature story in Boca Grande’s weekly newspaper about the story’s ties to the island in Florida.

So what’s the link you ask?  Well a young Kate The Great (Katherine Louise Boyet) grew up running, playing and searching for seashells on the beaches of Boca Grande.  Kate and her family still vacation there.

Kate_Boyett_circa_1997 beach_0001.jpeg
Kate The Great on the Boca Grande Beach

Further, it was on one of those trips when Jackie Frackelton was inspired to make a retired witch part of the turtle patrol.

Witch 1
Kate meets the Witch

Can’t wait to read the story, and on this cold and rainy Virginia night in November, I’m feeling motivated to schedule a book signing in Boca Grande.