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Fly To The Moon At The Rotary Club of Salem

FTTM To Be Presented At The Rotary Club of Salem

Salem Civic Center – Salem, Virginia

Rotary Logo

The Rotary Club of Salem has invited Jackie and me to present Fly To The Moon On A Witch’s Broom at this Thursday’s weekly meeting, January 2nd 2014.  Guaranteed to be the best meeting of the year so far.  Ok, it will be the first meeting of the year, but we could not be more excited.  It will be an honor and privilege to return once more to the podium of a club very dear to my heart.


It’s only fitting that our first official book reading and signing will take place where it all began.  Jackie’s husband David and I met and became friends while members of the Salem Rotary.   Soon after, while at a gathering of family and friends, Jackie asked if I would like to write a Children’s Story.  The rest is, well history in the making.  I’ll be sharing the whole story on Thursday but not before my good friend Mark Henrickson (aka Santa Claus) reads to the member’s children and grandchildren (less the Santa suit for this one).  Regardless of his outfit there is no doubt he will bring the story to life like no other and I simply cannot wait.

Henrickson Santa

Many thanks to the Rotary Club of Salem for the invitation and I look forward to seeing many old friends and new.

Dream Big!

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