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Fly to the Moon On A Witch’s Broom

My first childrens book is complete and ready to go!  This will also be my first attempt at self-publishing and hope to have it available in a week or two.  The artwork and design of Jacqueline Frackelton is beyond amazing!  A few more in the works so perhaps this will be the first of many.  We’ll see how it goes.  Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted.


Dream Big!

The journey of creating this book has been as magical as the story itself, and was born by a confluence of dreams. Fly to the Moon on a Witch’s Broom depicts the magic of exploration meeting opportunity.  Such courage found only in the eyes and spirit of a child can inspire us all.  Kate the Great was not afraid to dream big and when a chance encounter gave her reason to believe she grabbed her new found hope and soared to unimaginable heights. Kate the Great will Fly to the Moon! 

Similarly our talents have collided by mere chance and circumstance and the opportunities now seem endless.  It all began one evening amidst a gathering of friends and children playing.  Jacqueline had an idea for a story and asked if I would like to write it.  The words just came and the rhythm flowed.  It has been thrilling to watch the magic come to life with Jacqueline’s amazing artwork and creative design. In the same soaring fashion of Kate the Great, this first book shall launch the dreams of an artist and a writer.

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