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From Within, With Wynn

Illustrations by MWR Frackelton

(Mary-Wynn Rogers Frackelton’s first painting, 11 months old)

For Mary-Wynn, My Goddaughter, Impressions of Her Art

From within

This cage

They call it pack-n-play

And it seems to be

Everywhere we go

The towering walls

Of green

Have gotten smaller

And as I peer


The world is within

My view

They gather always

By Water and


Glowing dancing

My sisters and friends

Always near

Then disappear

Running playing laughing

And sometimes crying

I sometimes cry too

I want to run

With them

And soon

Mostly they imagine

And create

I’m creative too

Mommy is my


My flower

And she can

Touch the stars

But always

Holds me near

Daddy is sometimes


But his soul

Gentle as a lamb

I know

Because his eyes

They sparkle so

When he holds me


And I am up

Where the birds


So much love

Fills my soul

From within

With Wynn

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