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FTTM – Today Soared!

Kite 1 2014

Today soared!  Sure we sold some books and prints and it’s always great seeing the smiles on kids’ faces.  Time spent with good friends, and reconnecting with familiar faces never fails and I love meeting new people and hearing their stories.   Many thanks to Debbie Kavitz, Executive Director of the Salem Roanoke County Chamber of Commerce for inviting us to the 16th Annual Blue Ridge Kite Festival.  I doubt that most in our community truly realize how much The S/RC does to support local businesses, organizations, artist and families.  In short, it’s a lot!  Thank you to Debbie and all the volunteers that help make this a great place to live, work and play.

Perhaps there is no better way to spend a windy overcast day, than flying a kite!  Literally hundreds of kites, large and small, in all shapes and sizes and colors galore soared above the grounds of Green Hill Park.  The result was acres of fun and nine thousand smiles.  I spoke with people who lived so close that they walked to the park, and others from hours away.  Some traveled from other states.  Many return each year but my favorite are those that visit for the first time.  “I had no idea…” they all say.

Today’s events inspired my latest Tame The Wind.  Check it out here:

So many great stories and conversations.  Too many to tell, but my favorite comment was from the little boy who ran up to the tent and proclaimed; “Hey, I have your book!!!”

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