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NEW BOOK RELEASE!!! simply – a collection of poetry, vol. one

Excited to announce the release of my new book!!!

simply – a collection of poetry, vol. one

Front Book Cover

It all began long ago with a simple thought. 

My writing journey really began with an undeniable urge to capture the feeling of a place – with words. Places have energy, and each place feels unequivocally unique. At a young age, I absorbed all of that energy without realizing it. 

As that realization evolved, my compulsion emerged as a desire to capture, and to paint, that energy with words. To capture the way a place feels, with words. To accomplish this, I soon learned, would require breaking the rules of writing. Because art, and life, work better when you make your own rules. My thirty year collection of poetry is a canvas of my words, of broken rules, and an endless journey of chasing that feeling. 

This collection of twenty-nine of my favorite writings, many that I’ve never shared until now, will offer a glimpse into the depths of my journey with words.  

I hope you enjoy my new book; “simply – a collection of poetry, vol one”

Available now at:

Click on the link, or any of the pictures, then click the “Look Inside” feature on Amazon. You can read the first two poems.

The first is titled “Places” and was the first poem I ever wrote. “Places” really set this whole writing journey in motion.  Check it out and check back here with your thoughts.

Would love to hear from you!

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