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the farce of fear

what if we

were to lead

in every encounter

and each endeavor

and in every way

what if 

empathy prevailed

and never swayed

from her seductive way

no, not merely 

in idealistic fashion

and form

but rather

a passionate pursuit

of compassion 

every thought, every action

and each intention

bound by peace

undaunted by the farce

of fear

what if we were

to listen first

and not merely lobby

to be heard

what if we were

to abandon the endless

senseless need to always

be right

the incessant need

to win

what if the power to prevail

prevailed first in thought

what if our arms race

raced to lend a hand

of help

and an ear yearning

to heal

what if we were

to imagine and live

only one race

the human race

what if empathy 


hand in hand

a land conquered

in peace

oh stop

stop your wretched fear

of evil’s swell

for your fear

a fear so furiously


is evil’s fuel

for once stand tall

and lay down

your swagger and sword

lay them down

alongside your fear

for freedom’s reign

is never found

wrapped in fear

but rather laced

in the rain

the pouring rain

of peaceful souls

stop this senseless

myriad of myth

of blood stained

waters of war

what if we were

to exhaust and expel

every ounce and morsel

of our souls

what if our pursuit

of peace

cast shadows on our

undying need to always

be right

to win and

to conquer all

that simply disagree

what if it were

as simple as the swell

of rising sands

and empathy were

to always prevail

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