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This Moment

This Moment

By Joe Cundiff


The wind blows

A melodious whirl

Whispering through evergreens

Dancing with the clatter

Of leaves dangling

And pushing piles

Of the fallen

Swirling, twirling

Along the ridge

And across the meadow

Subsiding then to a gentle hush

And the silent peaceful

Sounds of light

And this moment

Should it last forever

In all its pristine glory

Would be perfection

Yet who am I

To give measure to that

Which is unflawed

And why then more

Try and hold it still

This moment

After all

Has already passed

And the silence broken

By yet another gentle push

Of air

And I ponder still

From where comes the wind

And wonder more

Of the flickering lights

Adorning the night sky

And of them all

I find one

To acknowledge her presence

In this moment

Yet somehow we know

That brilliant crystal

Is not really here

Not now

Though her light shines

She left home

A million or more years before

Only to appear


To share with me

This moment





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